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Interesting Argument - Please WATCH

  • 09/14/2021 9:02 AM
    Message # 11087831

    Here an interesting piece.  Now anyone who truly knows me understands, I don't watch most major news sources as they are purely opinion and not news.  In this piece I found on the Internet, is the most excellent argument(s) offered in true American fashion - supported by data.

    While I understand some may get wound around the wheel, due to the channel or some other personal disqualifier.  The argument(s) presented are factual and should be heard by EVERYONE.

    I highly recommend everyone to watch - and simply contemplate the data.

    While this gives the appearance of politicization, the fact is - it was GOVERNMENT that stepped into politicizing business decisions.  This is clearly demonstrated with our leadership statements a few months ago regarding mandated vaccines - to their actions today.

    Its an interesting time in our nations history - and in anyone's business history.  Question is, for how much longer will business last with everything stacked against it.


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